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4 months ago

Google Ads Dynamic Search Ads Tutorial - What Is Dynamic Search Ads In Google Ads?

SF Digital Studios
Dynamic search ads are a new tool in Google Ads which allows you to show relevant ads for search queries that you may never have considered before. Watch this video to learn more!

What is dynamic search ads and should I use them? Yes, absolutely. So, we call them the DSA dynamic search ads. It's super simple and easy to set up. First of all, secondly, you don't have any headaches with the keywords. No, writing responsive search ads has got to up to 15 headlines and four description lines. All you do is set the targeting I as to what Google should look at on your website. Google is going to scan your category pages or whichever pages you want to for it to look at. All you do is you give it two headlines or description lines. Beg your pardon.

You don't need to worry about writing headlines even. Google is going to write the headlines and run it and trust me it works wonderfully well and it will show you search queries that you never considered. So you can expand your campaign well. So when you go into your search query tab you will see when and how the ads were shown and if you find any good search queries which are not in your account then you start putting them into your main search campaigns. So super simple to use. There is no keywords to worry about, no bidding you just let Google do its thing and you'll be very pleasantly surprised. What I would recommend you do is you write those two description lines very carefully. So if you are let's say you're running a web store for furniture.

So you're selling chairs, tables, sofas and so on but even in the chair category you will have different types and kinds of chairs right designer chairs, office chairs, dining chairs and so on segment them out don't just have one ad group and throw all these chairs in one and if you are running or have made up an ad group for let's say dining chairs the description show says dining chairs and nothing about office chairs. Then you make another ad group for office chairs. Another ad group for you know garden chairs or whatever chairs you have. Make them separate and then write the relevant ads or the description lines for those ads then you're going to get some really good results.

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