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4 months ago

Google Ads YouTube Ads Daily Budget - What Is The Minimum Budget For YouTube Ads?

SF Digital Studios
How much money should you spend on YouTube Ads? What is the minimum budget for YouTube Ads? We will answer all your queries regarding YouTube Ads in this video. Watch the video now!

What is the minimum budget for YouTube ads? It really depends on how many campaigns you are running at the same time. So, the way we run it is we will have at least 5 to 10 campaigns running. So, one campaign, one ad group, one targeting and five ads, three to five ads, right? We might have ten, we might have twenty, campaign running at the same time but when we start and the account has got zero data in it we start with a small number which is about $10 or equivalent per day and the reason we start small is the first four-five days is going to go into the learning mode because of the max conversions bidding strategy right I don't want to spend $50 and let the algorithm work out and by after five days we've spent $250 and we don't know what the hell has happened. So start with the bare minimum. If you're comfortable with five bucks start five.

Let it run. But don't stop after two-three days because the algorithm is learning. After five days or so you can start to see how it is working or not working. So those campaigns usually start we start switching them off after day 7 when they've spent $60 $70. Or so. And they are not within our KPIs and it could be whatever you know we're looking at conversions we're looking at clicks we are looking at sales or whatever it may be if they are not within our KPI we start switching them off so the expensive ones or the non-performing ones get switched off that budget gets put into our performing ones because if I run 10 I know three or four will start to convert at a good price more of them will not work. So but you've got to test it.

You can't just run with three and expect all three to perform right from day one. So the ones which are not working switch them off. Put more budget. Keep as every day come goes by and they are performing converting within your KPIs keep increasing it by 20% don't go from $10 a day to $300 a day. The algorithm is going to again go into the learning mode. Start increasing incrementally about 15% to 20% that's what we found the sweet spot to be. Quite often you will get pressure from the clients or less increase the budget quickly because it's we are getting sales or leads. Well, they need to be patient. Otherwise, the campaigns might stop working. So hope that helps.