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[ENDURO] Erzberg Rodeo Hard Race [Goodspeed]

il y a 11 ans|31.5K vues
Music = ARCHIVE: " Again " Live


The toughest race in the world

35 kilometers of rugged, gnarly, dangerous motocross racing that is considered the single-hardest one day race in the world.
Located in a quaint little town in Central Austria, 1300 riders will tempt their fate against a mountain so fierce, its called the Iron Giant.

This race is brutal and youve got to see it to believe it!!

Its Americas Motocross stars vs. the European world champions!!

Witness motocross stars like USA's Travis Pastrana, Jeremy McGrath, Ronnie Renner, Gregg Godfrey and Andy Bell as they battle the unmerciful terrain that the Erzberg Rodeo race is most famous for.

You'll also see World Champion David Knight, Paris Dakar Rally Champion Cyril Despres, and multiple Erzberg Rodeo race winner Chris Pfieffer defend their right as the worlds best.

Finishing this race is just like winning!

Music by: ARCHIVE: " Again " Live .

L' ERZBERG Rodeo se déroule dans une mine à ciel ouvert en Autriche.