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2 months ago

Sab Krishna Ne Kiya Hai | Mohit Gaur | Dedicated to HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Virtual Planet Music
Virtual Planet Music
O Arjuna, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, I know everything that has happened in the past, all that is happening in the present, and all things that are yet to come. I also know all living entities; but Me no one knows. (Bhagawad Gita As It Is 7.26)

Although almost everyone has heard something about Lord Krishna but almost no one can claim that he knows everything about Lord Krishna. I came to this understanding after reading ‘Bhagawad Gita As It Is’ by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in July 2020. What followed after studying his books was a life altering experience that gave me answers to all those existential questions i forever had in my heart, gifted me the taste of an immeasurable amount of happiness, made me realise the real purpose of this Human form of life and brought me to the most blissful process of attaining Self realisation, i.e., Krishna Consciousness.

This song is a contrast between what little i knew about the Supreme Absolute truth Lord Shri Krishna before studying Srila Prabhupada’s books and the treasure of immense knowledge i received afterwards.

His Divine Grace’s books have become the most cherished asset of my entire life, and i strongly feel that they are the greatest treasure the whole humanity has with it right now. As he famously said, “I live forever in my books and you will utilise’ thus on the auspicious occasion of his 125th Birth Anniversary Year, this song is a humble dedication to Srila Prabhupada and his books, through which he is guiding millions like me and shall keep guiding billions of fortunate souls for thousands and thousands of years to come, towards the Highest achievable goal of this human form of life, going back to home, back to Godhead.

Special thanks to ‘Hare Krishna Movement Jaipur’ without their guidance & help neither this song nor it’s video would have been possible! Thank you for spreading the brilliant effulgence of Krishna Consciousness into the darkened hearts of conditioned souls like me.

All Glories to His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and His transcedental Movement which is giving the greatest benefit to the whole human society by distributing the treasure of Love Of Godhead freely in the form of ‘Hare Krishna Mahamantra’

#prabhupada125 #srilaprabhupada125

Audio Credits :-

Singer/Lyricist/Composer: Mohit Gaur

Flute :- Rajat Prasanna

Music Production: Hugh Harsher

Audio Mixing & Mastering: Prithvi Sharma

Vocals recorded: Namah Music Records Jaipur

Video Credits :-

DOP: Kamal Khaj - Vignesh Rajan - Ayush Vajpayee

Editing :- Kamal & Vignesh

Location Courtesy :- Hare Krishna Mandir Jagatpura, Jaipur

Publicity Design: Kanak Gaikwad & Sourabh Swami
Social Media: Jasmeet Kaur & Bhisham Soni
Distribution : DroomMusic
Record Label: Virtual Planet Music

Special Thanks: Hare Krishna Movement Jaipur, Naman Swami, Abhishek Jain

Lyrics :-

Matki se maakhan ki chori
Thaame sab saanso ki dori

Gopi ki baiyaan marodi
Kardi taaro

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