What is Life Coaching? Transformational vs. Transactional Coaching

  • 3 years ago
Do you want to know what is life coaching and how it can help you?

In this video, I explain the differences between transactional and transformational approaches.
Life coaching can be used for various challenges and goals and I give some examples.

♥♥♥ Introduction ♥♥♥

Transformational and transactional coaching are two forms of life coaching.
Even if those approaches have some differences, they are both used for the same purpose, which is helping people to create the desired change in their lives.
These changes could be about solving some current problem or working toward achieving a goal. You can use lifestyle coaching almost for any area of your life. Many people know that life coaching can help in business. But now it’s becoming more and more popular also for personal goals. For example, it could be some relationship problems or goals, improving wellbeing, changing jobs, creating a better work-life balance, making important decisions, going through difficult or uncertain periods, finding what you really want, making plans with specific steps for achieving it. Life coaching also helps to get more clarity, confidence, connection with your own wisdom and strength.

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