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Gunah - Neighbours - Episode 01 | FWFOriginals

A couple Karan and Neetu move to a new rented apartment; where they get befriended with their neighbouring couple Arjun and Mitali. Arjun is an entrepreneur, his wife Mitali is a housewife. Whereas, Karan and Neetu work in private firms. Both the couples were living their lives happily and peacefully. But the story takes a turn, when Karan and Mitali, both doubt their partners Arjun and Neetu for dating with each other. But the question now arises, are they really dating each other.

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Series: Gunah (Episode 01)
Episode Title : Neighbours
Language : Hindi
Featuring: Ujjwal Chopra, Asit Redij, Siddharth Sen, Aditi Dixit, Mitesh Dedhia, Anjali Mishra, Sujeet Asthana.
DOP: Prabhat Tiwari
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue: Ravikiran Venkaty Sripuram
Editor: Jevan Jena
Background Score : Pratish Sinha
Accounts: Kapil Kesarwani
Marketing, Media & Publishing: Flowing Water Films
Directed By: Krishna Sharma
Produced By: Sanjeev Kumar & Vipin Kumar Chaudhary

:::::: Copyrights @ Flowing Water Films ::::::

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