CLASS 65 | Recommended Size for House Plan Components | Size of Residential House in & FAR Require

  • 3 years ago
watch till the end.
Assalam O Alikum! this is AutoCAD class 65 in Urdu/Hindi
In this Video I Am Going to Tell You guys all about the recommended sizes of house plan component's and Size of Residential House in & FAR Require.
The Main points that I will cover in this video are as following:
1- Load Bearing Walls
2- Non Load Bearing Walls
3- Stair Size for residential buildings
4- Floor Plan Components and their Sizes
5- Standard Dimension For Car Porch
6- Floor Area Ration
7- Calculation For FAR ( FAR formula )
8-Covered And Uncovered Area
9- by laws
10- Units of Area