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AutoCAD class 47 اردو / हिंदी | Concept of Layers in AutoCAD, view layers, What are AutoCAD layers?

Saqib ALi Chaudary
watch till the end.
Assalam O Alikum! this is AutoCAD class 47 in اردو / हिंदी.
In this Video I Am Going to Tell You guys all about the Concept of Layers in AutoCAD.
why we use Layers in AutoCAD. Purpose of using Layers and benefits of Layers etc.

The Main points that I will cover in this video are as following:

1- AutoCAD class 47 in اردو / हिंदी
2- Layers in AutoCAD
3- how to make Layers in AutoCAD
4- how to use Layers Command in AutoCAD
5- method to make Layers in AutoCAD
6- use of Layers in AutoCAD
7-Concept of Layers in AutoCAD

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