2 years ago

Couple: "WE WANT THE EVIL LADY'S HOUSE!" Freedomain Call In

Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux
My situation is this: my manipulative and abusive mother is in possession of the house I desperately want to live in and where I want to raise my children. Thanks to my husband, my mother currently doesn't have anything to hold over me, so she's trying as hard as she can to make sure I can't have the house without major strings attached, such as her living in the guest house on the property and having us rent the house from her rather than own or even rent to own.

I cannot have my mother in my life any more. I simply cannot take it and I keep hoping that she'll just suddenly die so I can have the house, but I don't see her dying any time soon, unfortunately. I can't take her to court over it because due to her most recent divorce, I am absolutely terrified of the court system, especially locally. They took my little brother and forced him to live with his pedophile father despite clear evidence of him being abusive. Who knows what might happen if I go near the court system?

My grandparent's house would be the perfect place for me and my husband to raise our kids and a good place for us to live the rest of our lives. I can't stay in or near the county I live in thanks to my mother because now not only does this area trigger my CPTSD, but I'm also terrified of the pedophiles, crooked cops and evil judges. On top of that, they all know my name and face now because of my mom. I have been stalked by some of them before.

I know my mom will not change. I also know that she will not admit any guilt for the things that she has done and even if she did, she would play her classic poor, naive, Christian mother act saying she was just ignorant and well-intentioned and never meant to hurt anyone, which is a load of bullshit. My mom has also said what she wants for Mother's Day is "an in my face explanation of why you are so guarded around me, only tolerating me and avoiding me".

So, I think it's time to tell her what a manipulative and abusive c**t she is and call her on her shit. I asked my old counselor to help me with this because she also knows my sister, is in my mom's former church community that has an idea of what my mother really is and has credentials. She's also a Christian counselor who works at a church, so I thought I might be able to convince my mom to join us for essentially an intervention, but my old counselor hasn't responded. I can't say I blame her, really. But I cannot confront my mom alone. She's too slimy a snake and will weasel and manipulate her way out of everything and play victim.

So, I need the house, but I also need my mother out of my life for good and I can't find a way to do both. Please help. I can't imagine giving up the house. It was the one consistent good place in my childhood and I need it. I need to be there. I need to remember my Nannie and Granda. I need to have a safe place. I need a place away from my mother's poison. Please help.