Full version Great Pajama Jobs: How to Land a Job Without the Commute For Kindle

  • 3 years ago
Are you wasting hours of every week commuting to your job? Does working in your pajamas sound appealing? Do you feel trapped in your current office environment? Do you want to earn some income on the side? Find out how to secure and thrive in a work-from-home or remote-access job. Get out of your work clothes and into pajamas!With some information and expert guidance, you can transform your workday, take control of your time, and explore exciting new opportunities. Great Pajama Jobs: How to Land a Job Without the Commute illustrates the way many of us live and work. Day after day, you may go to an office that is uninspiring or chaotic. You then spend a large part of your busy day responding to emails and working on a computer, tasks that could easily be accomplished from home.The truth is you may need the autonomy and flexibility of working remotely for a myriad of reasons. For instance, you may be a military spouse in search of an ideal remote job to take with you to a new base, or you may need to manage your personal health issues or caregiving duties. Or you may simply want to inch a little closer to a more favorable work-life balance.Great Pajama Jobs is your ultimate guide to finding a job where you can work remotely and advance your career while working in pajamas.Learn the nuts and bolts of how to land a remote-access job you love that will allow you to thrive in your career or bring in extra income in retirement Discover up-to-date resources for finding a solid work from home job for professionals Read insightful interviews with professionals who have already made the move successfully Learn more about leading companies recognized for providing remote employment opportunities Explore great remote jobs in a variety of fields. There's something here for everyone, a job-hunter's smorgasbord. No, this is not the master list of every job under the sun, but you'll discover plenty of ideas to spur your imagination about how you can make the most of your talents to create work that, well, works for you. Each job description follows this format: the nitty-gritty, pay range, and qualifications needed, with a smattering of job-hunting tips tossed in.In "Kerry's Great Pajama Jobs Workshop," you'll reap the benefits of professional advice and strategies with information to help you land that work-from-home job, including a resume revamp, the best online job boards for home-based positions, tips on time-management and organizing a productive home office, tax advice, and help with saving for retirement when you're on your own.Working from home is here, and it's real. Technology has boosted the phenomenal growth of home-based employment in recent years. Remote jobs are popular for a good reason. They save you commute time and allow you to focus on completing your work successfully. In the 21st century, you have the flexibility to choose career opportunities that do not require you to commit long hours inside an office environment. Experience all that a more flexible position can offer when you look to the guidance found in this remote employment guide! If you land home office work, comfortable work clothing or even PJs may be your wardrobe of the future. Get on track to finding your best remote job, escape the commute, and more.