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Cell phone emits more radiation than microwave ovens, EVIDENCE VIDEO! Cell phone radiation, 5G radiation Mikrowellenterror- Handy strahlt stärker als Mikrowellenofen, Handystrahlung, WLAN Strahlung, DECT Strahlung,5G Strahlung

The film proves that a cell phone irradiates its users more strongly than a microwave oven with high-frequency, pulsed microwave radiation. With the new 5G technology (including beamforming and raising the limit value), a completely new dimension of area-wide forced irradiation by microwaves is heralded, thus generating billions in sales for the coalition of mobile phone and pharmaceutical mafia!

Public buildings, squares, schools, hospitals, old people's homes, hotels and public transport are nowadays contaminated with high-frequency, pulsed microwaves!

The only area that you can still shield against state-wide, area-wide microwave terror via mobile communications, WLAN, DECT, etc. is your home!

Use this chance to regenerate by means of shields! A German resident is already diagnosed with leukemia (white blood cancer) every 15 minutes on average! The area-wide indoor and outdoor forced irradiation by microwaves via mobile communications, WLAN / WIFI, DECT, PLC, smart meters to decimate the population is celebrating great successes practically unnoticed! The cases of dementia are increasing steadily! 75% of the insects have disappeared! For 5 years (LTE offensive), people over 65 have not gotten any older! So that we are getting older is an outright lie!

Protect yourself from this forced radiation! High-frequency microwaves impair the blood flow properties (thrombosis, high blood pressure, blood diseases) and kink the DNA, which is a precursor to cancer! The beneficiaries of this death machine are the coalition of the cell phone and pharmaceutical mafia. High-frequency microwave radiation from cell phones, DECT, WLAN / WIFI / PLC / DE stimulates, among other things, the vibrations in the natural frequency range of the body's enzymes, which are responsible for doubling the genetic material during cell division. Even the slightest disturbance of this process can lead to a derailment and can cause cancer. When (bio) systems are stimulated in this way, a vibration can build up particularly easily (resonance). Then a minimal expenditure of energy is sufficient.

Der Film beweist, dass ein Handy seine Nutzer stärker als ein Mikrowellenofen mit hochfrequenter, gepulster Mikrowellenstrahlung bestrahlt. Mit der neuen 5G Technologie (incl. Beamforming und Grenzwertanhebung) wird eine völlig neue Dimension der flächendeckenden Zwangsbestrahlung durch Mikrowellen eingeläutet, und somit steigende Milliardenumsätze der Koalition von Mobilfunk- und Pharmamafia generiert !

Öffentliche Gebäude, Plätze, Schulen, Kindergärten, Spitäler, Altenheime, Hotels, öffentliche Verkehrsmittel sind heutzutage flächendeckend mit hochfrequenten, gepulsten Mikrowellen verseucht!

Den einzigen Bereich, den Sie noch gegen den staatlichen, flächendeckenden Mikrowellenterror via Mobilfunk, WLAN, DECT etc. abschirmen können, ist Ihr Zuhause!

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