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Shield mobile phone radiation in 1 minute, cheapest Faraday cage against electrosmog (WLAN, DECT, 5G). Handystrahlung in 1 Minute abschirmen, günstigster Faradaykäfig gegen Elektrosmog (WLAN,DECT,etc.)

The film shows how you can install efficient shielding (Faraday cage) against electrosmog (cell phone radiation, WLAN, DECT, PLC, 5G, etc.) within 1 minute.
This cage is suitable for everyone who does not want to spend 1000 euros or more on a shielding canopy, but would like to try out what it feels like, or quickly find an inexpensive protection against microwave radiation from WLAN / DECT neighbors or cell phone networks. Need external antennas!

For a person up to a height of 1.80 meters, 2 standard aluminum mosquito screens (2m x 2.50 m) or, even better, a roll for the middle part (wreath) are sufficient.
This cage folds flat, is light and easy to transport!
Everyone has to find out for themselves whether they feel better with or without grounding. Pay attention to dirty electricity! Attach the earthing cable (e.g. car battery bridging cable) preferably to the middle grid (wreath)!

With the grounding, the positive ions are drawn away from the body and conducted to the grids or to the ground, which is to be assessed as a positive effect, however, undesired fields from outside can be coupled to the body via the grounding. It is better to attach the earthing to the heating / water taps than to the socket earthing. Powerline radiation must no longer be measured / heard within the cage!

Often it is enough to just put the middle part (wreath) on the mattress and sleep in the middle of it. The high lattice walls (the higher, the better!) Shield radiation coming from the side quite well! You only need 2 aluminum mosquito nets for this. It is advisable to first sleep (measure!) Inside the wreath only once. If strong radiation enters from below or above, the wreath alone is of course not enough!

If the radiation is very strong (e.g. directly adjacent WLAN / DECT neighbors), you will still have to seal the room walls with aluminum or other shields.

If an aluminum room still doesn't shield enough, this cage can also be considered as an additional addition.
In the case of strong irradiation, the grille can also be attached in two layers, but then costs twice as much :-) But it is still cheaper than a two-week canopy rental!

High-frequency microwave radiation from cell phones, DECT, WLAN / WIFI / PLC / DE stimulates, among other things, the vibrations in the natural frequency range of the body's enzymes, which are responsible for doubling the genetic material during cell division. Even the slightest disturbance in this process can lead to a derailment and can cause cancer. If (bio) systems are stimulated in this way, a vibration can build up particularly easily (resonance). A minimal expenditure of energy is then sufficient to achieve the maximum effect. The calculation is easy to make: the more ailing or older an immune system is, and the closer the radiation source is, the faster the derailment of cell processes and cancer development will take place!

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