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Get an Overweight Senior Cat to Lose Weight

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How to Get an Overweight Senior Cat to Lose Weight

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To help your senior cat lose weight consult your vet for advice and make changes such as switching from dry to canned food only feeding it at set mealtimes and cutting back on treats. Increase your cats activity level with hunting games and puzzle toys making sure that the exercise isnt too rigorous. Monitor your cats weight water intake and overall health to ensure its well being. Get your vets advice. If you are concerned that your senior cat is heading towards obesity speak to your veterinarian before altering its diet. Your vet can assess how much weight your cat may need to lose or if the cats weight will cause a problem. Weight gain as well as other warning signs of obesity such as loss of energy and difficulty breathing are common with aging cats but a vet should rule out other possible causes.that may cause weight gain in cats include

Reinforce set meal times. To encourage weight loss in your senior cat reinforce distinct mealtimes to prevent overeating. Leaving food out for your cat to eat whenever it wishes will make it more difficult to monitor how much it is eating and when. Place your cats food in its bowl and leave it out for about twenty minutes then remove it until the next mealtime.

Replace dry food with canned food. To help your senior cat lose weight replace its dry cat food with canned food. Canned food generally has more protein which should form the bulk of your cats diet and fewer carbohydrates than dry food so it is more conducive to weight loss. Dry food also contains more additives and preservatives which are unhealthy and should be avoided as much as possible.

Give your cat fewer treats. A cats diet be made up of less than 10percent treats each day. Be especially mindful with your senior cat keeping treats down to 2 or 3 per day and rewarding your cat with petting and praise instead. Make sure that all household members adhere to this rule and keep track of the treats you give your cat in a journal or on a whiteboard that can be erased daily.Well-recognized causes of weight loss in old cats include chronic renal disease, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and dental problems
An obese cat is defined as one who weighs more than 20 percent above their ideal body weight
If your cat is overweight, you will want to feed for 2 pounds less, or 40 fewer calories a day, and readjust every time your cat loses a pound, until you hit a healthy weight, and then maintain

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