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10 months ago

Pick Flooring Color for Your Kitchen

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How to Pick Flooring Color for Your Kitchen

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The color of your kitchen floor can set the tone of your room and tie together your kitchen decor. When picking your floor color you can choose between light dark or bold varieties. Kitchen flooring type includes laminate vinyl hardwood porcelain tile slate tile limestone concrete and cork and all options come in a variety of colors and textures. Pair your flooring to your kitchens style and soon youll have the remodeled kitchen of your dreams Select light tones to make a small kitchen look more spacious and open. White or grey floors are good options for small kitchens with low ceilings. Light floors will reflect more light which makes your kitchen look brighter. Light floors look quite nice with white or colored walls.

Choose between light hardwood laminate porcelain or vinyl flooring. Each of these flooring options come in light white or grey tones. Visit a home supply store and narrow your options based on personal preference and price.

Go with tan natural flooring for a traditional kitchen look. Tan floors are a good choice for traditional kitchens especially if you have different colored kitchen decor. You can refinish existing hardwood or cork floors with a tan natural shade of stain.

Purchase natural colored hardwood laminate vinyl tile or cork. Visit a home supply store and review their selection of natural colored flooring. All flooring types can come in a tan or natural color and you can make your decision based on your budget and style.Select light tones to make a small kitchen look more spacious and open
White and yellow tend to be the most popular colors for kitchen floors
Light-colored floors work well in a space that has dark cabinets or counters, because it offers a contrast that makes the cabinetry stand out

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