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10 months ago

Tell when a Hen Is Ready to Lay

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How to Tell when a Hen Is Ready to Lay

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The SUPER STAR Case Of Tell when a Hen Is Ready to Lay,

Once a properly cared for hen starts laying eggs it will continue to do so consistently every 24 27 hours so long as its getting enough light. To predict when a hen will lay its first egg check for physical signs of maturity as well as behavioral changes that indicate the bird is ready to lay. If the hen stops laying eggs look for signs that it has moved out of its egg laying years then check for evidence of malnutrition or illness. Consider the hens age along with an adult appearance. The age at which hens start to lay eggs varies widely depending on their breed some start as early as 16 weeks while others begin at around 16 months. Whether you know the typical laying age of your hens breed or not its always helpful to ask yourself if the hen looks like an adult.

Watch for the comb wattles and vent to get larger and redder. An immature hen will have a small dull colored comb on top of its head and wattles under its beak. When the hen reaches laying age the comb and wattles will grow in size and take on a deep red color.

Check if the hens pelvic bones have separated. Pick up the bird cradle it against your side with your arm so the tail end is facing forward and use your hand to hold its feet. With your free hand feel the hens rear end. If you can not feel 3 distinct bones with spacing between them the bird isnt ready to lay yet.

Look for growth between the pelvic bones and the breastbone. In addition to the growing space between the pelvic bones the gap between a hens pelvic and keel bones at the base of the breastbone will increase when its ready to start laying. You may be able to notice the greater separation visually and will definitely be able to feel it if you pick the bird up.

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