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7 months ago

Learn Traffic Rules

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How to Learn Traffic Rules

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How to Learn Traffic Rules
How should a beginner drive in traffic, know when you have the right of way, What to know before driving for the first time

Traffic rules vary depending on your location. If youre a new driver or just new to that area take some time to learn the rules before you hit the road. Check online to find the rules and then study up. Make sure to review information about basics like passing and turning and also familiarize yourself with road signs. Take some practice quizzes to test your knowledge and then go for a spin Brake when you see a red octagonal STOP sign. Stop signs look the same across the U.S. Whenever you see one of these familiar red signs with the word Stop in white bring the car to a complete stop. Just slowing down doesnt count

Drive at the posted speed limit. Speed limits vary so you need to pay attention to the signs while you are driving. Most signs will indicate the speed limit and some will also include a minimum speed. These signs are generally white with black numbers and letters. Stick to the speed limit or you risk getting a ticket.

Slow down if you see a triangular sign. Yield signs can be yellow or white and they are important to obey. This sign means that you should proceed with caution and check both ways for incoming traffic. If you dont see any youre all set to proceed.

Follow the arrow on one way signs. If you see a black arrow on a white sign that means that travel is only allowed in the direction that the arrow is pointing. These signs are typically thin and rectangular and are usually black and white.

Look for nearby signs when you park. There are lots of different parking regulations but make sure to check for the common no parking sign. It is typically a capital P with a red circle and a slash mark through it. If you see that find somewhere else to park.

Obey the signals when you see a traffic light. If youre in an urban or busy area youll probably run into lots of traffic lights. When you come to a light remember

Slow down or stop at flashing lights. Flashing yellow lights means you can proceed with caution so slow down and check for oncoming traffic. When you see a flashing red light come to a complete stop. These lights are treated as a four way stop so allow any vehicles that arrived before you to go first. You can proceed when it is your turn and incoming traffic has stopped.If you reach an uncontrolled intersection at close to the same time, the vehicle who actually reached the intersection last is the driver who must yield the right of way
First Experience Behind the Wheel: 6 Vital Things to Remember When Driving for the First Time

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