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Puteri Gunong Banang ('The Princess of Mount Banang', 1959) Part 1

Part 2: https://dai.ly/x7zk5f8
Directed by Dhiresh Ghosh
Written by S. Kadarisman (story), Omar Rojik and Dhiresh Ghosh (scenario)
Music directed by Osman Ahmad, with song lyrics by S. Sudarmadji
Produced by Malay Film Productions (Shaw Brothers)
In Malay
Cast: Hashimah Yon, Ahmad Mahmud, Salleh Kamil, Sri Dewi, S. Kadarisman, Kemat Hassan

“Story of Wira, the princess and magic rice… ‘Puteri Gunong Banang’ is a Malay film with English subtitles. It tells the story of an old man named Wira, played by Ahmad Mahmud. Wira meets a beautiful princess after eating some magic rice. The Princess tells him that he has unwittingly stumbled upon the sacred plant known as ‘kunyit hitam’ which has restored to him his youth. She also gives him a phial of liquid which will cure all ills. But when Wira returns to his village, the people, shocked by his altered appearance, think he is in league with the devil, and drive him away. Later, he becomes prosperous through the use of the phial. His brother Toba, hearing this news, determines to find the sacred plant too. Toba succeeds in his quest, and in turn sees the princess, who agrees to marry him providing he accepts certain conditions. But Toba, overcome by greed, misuses his new found power and finds himself in trouble. The film ends with everyone getting his rightful deserts.” (The Straits Times, 12 June 1959, page 6)

Gunung Banang is a mountain in the Batu Pahat district, Johor, Malaysia.

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