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Rachun Dunia ('Poison of the World', 1950) with English subtitles (Part 1)

Part 2: https://dai.ly/x7zi99t
Directed by B. S. Rajhans
Written by A. R. Iyer
Songs by Zubir Said
Produced by Malay Film Productions (Shaw Brothers)
In Malay
Cast: Osman Gumanti, Kasma Booty, Siput Sarawak, P. Ramlee, Ja'afar Wiryo, A. R. Tompel, Siti Tg. Perak

"Departing from the realm of folktales, 'Rachun Dunia' situates itself within the cultural climate of its time, mirroring the reality of the modernising landscape and the apprehension of changing social norms. Acutely tuned to the traditions of a domestic melodrama, 'Rachun Dunia' tells a tale about the disintegration of a simple family with the influence of decadent lifestyles arising from increasing affluence, greed and desire within society.

"Jamal (Osman Gumanti) and Aminah (Kasma Booty) are happily married and have a new-born daughter Mardiana. Having inherited his father's rubber trading business, Jamal and his family are financially secure and pass their days with much ease until Harun, an insurance agent played by a sleazy P. Ramlee, comes knocking at the door. An insurance plan leads to a more menacing plot as Harun introduces Jamal to his motley crew of friends and seduces him into the world of vice, figurated most potently by Harun's bombshell girlfriend Aishah (Siput Sarawak), whom Jamal takes a liking for. Jamal falls more deeply entrenched in Harun and Aishah's world, unaware of their intentions to embezzle his inheritance, and the bond between him and his family trembles within the onset of tragedy.

"'Rachun Dunia' is a conservative film at heart that asserts the continued importance of family values despite the loss of tradition within contemporary society. The temptations that the city provides become a catalyst that disrupts familial bonds, only for it to be rediscovered with a greater currency and importance amidst the uncertainty of modernity." (National Museum of Singapore Cinematheque, 2012)

Film locations (in Singapore):
Colonial-era bungalow (Malay-Anglo style);
Malay kampung;
Singapore General Hospital (Bowyer Block)

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