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8 months ago

Spin Wool

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How to Spin Wool
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How to Spin Wool
spin wool without a spinning wheel
prepare wool for spinning
Is it hard to spin wool
spin wool by hand
how to spin wool with a drop spindle
how to spin wool on a spinning wheel
how to spin wool osrs
how to spin wool from sheep
how to spin wool without a spinning wheel
how to spin wool with a spindle
how to spin wool yarn
how to spin wool into yarn by hand
how to spin wool from a fleece

The art of spinning wool is making a resurgence in todays society. People are re discovering the unique qualities of wool the preferred spinning fiber. Wool is waterproof and keeps you warm even when wet. Choose your equipment. You will have to decide if you prefer a drop spindle or a spinning wheel. Both have benefits and drawbacks. Drop spindles are good to use when starting out but spinning wheels tend to be a faster way to spin.

Learn the terminology of the spinning process. There are lots of words that you are not going to be immediately familiar with when you are just starting out. Youll need to learn the words for the different aspects of the spinning process before you can start spinning.

Get familiar with the equipment. Spinning wheels have the same basic equipment whatever type they are. Some have more components than others but usually the basic components are the same. Youll need to keep the different parts of the spinning wheel in mind when you are learning to spin.

Select a spinning wheel. If you have decided that you want to use a spinning wheel rather than a drop spindle then you will need to learn about the different kinds of spinning wheels. If you are just starting out it might be best to rent or borrow a spinning wheel so that you get the hang of it and decide it is really what you want to do. There are several different basic types of spinning wheels.

Know what to look for in choosing a spinning wheel. There are certain things you will need to consider when you are choosing a spinning wheel. These will determine the kinds of thread you spin what speed you spin at and how easy the treadles are to use.And you won't even need a spinning wheel: A handspindle will do for starters
Let the wool sit in the soapy water for around a half hour
Speaking of wool, let's talk about spinning fiber
Tease out a few fibers from the end of your roving and hold them together with the end of your leader using your left hand

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