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11 months ago

Wash Thinx

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How to Wash Thinx
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How to Wash Thinx
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Thinx underwear can be a lifesaver during your period. To keep these reusable periodready for your next period you should always wash your Thinx after wearing. When you first take off your Thinx rinse the blood out in the sink using just cool water. Once you are ready to do laundry you can either put them in the washing machine or use detergent to gently hand wash them. Rinse the Thinx immediately after you take them off. While you do not need to wash them with detergent right away you should always rinse out your Thinx as soon as you are done wearing them. This will help get most of the blood out.

Pull theinside out. It is easiest to rinse theif you put them inside out before you wash. This means that the seat of the pants where the blood has collected is facing out towards the tap.

Run the Thinx under cold water. Focus the water on the seat of thewhere the blood has collected. The water might run pink or brown from the blood.

Squeeze out excess water. Do not twist or tear the panties. Instead just gently crumple up the fabric and squeeze. The blood may run out of the panty. Rinse again and keep squeezing until the water runs clear.

Hang to dry or wash immediately. Once you have rinsed the panty you can either wash it right away or wait until laundry day. You may even wait until your period is over to wash all of your Thinxtogether.Machine-wash your Thinx on cold
While you do not need to wash them with detergent right away, you should always rinse out your Thinx as soon as you are done wearing them
It has to be discussed
THINX's website says to soak the THINX undies in cold water, then run them through the delicate cycle of your washing machine, and then let them line dry

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