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11 months ago

Choose Paper for Origami

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How to Choose Paper for Origami
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How to Choose Paper for Origami Origami is a traditional Japanese art form that involves folding paper into elaborate shapes such as flowers and animals. An art of great simplicity origami requires no other tools than a sheet of paper and your own two hands. For this reason its important to work with paper that folds well retains its shape and has the right aesthetic to suit the vision you have in mind for your design. Think about the size of the design you wish to create. Before you get to folding consider how large or small the design youre trying to make needs to be. Complex impressive pieces may benefit from added size which means you should use a sheet of paper that is larger and can be folded more ways. On the other hand smaller paper forces you to work meticulously and results in stunning delicate shapes. Make use of color. Your origami doesnt have to be made from dull white paper. Take color into account when deciding on a design. Origami paper can be found in a multitude of color combinations with products like duo paper which has a different color on each side. Other papers feature brightly colored patterns and embellishments each presenting unique possibilities. Work with textured papers. For an interesting visual element look into papers that have textures that make them stand out among conventional types. Certain types of washi or traditional Japanese origami paper are woven from plant fibers and are characterized by a soft slightly wrinkled consistency. These papers can give completed projects an added degree of visual texture and appeal. Choose an unusual shape. Not all origami paper comes in squares. See what sorts of new objects you can fold using circular or triangular paper or any number of other unorthodox shapes. Working with alternative shapes requires you to view your project from a fresh perspective and changes the types of techniques youre able to employ and designs youre able to create.

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