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Gina Carano Is Dropped From 'The Mandalorian' After Social Media Backlash

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Wibbitz Top Stories
Gina Carano Is Dropped From
'The Mandalorian' After Social Media Backlash.
Lucasfilm confirmed the news on Feb. 10.
Gina Carano is not currently
employed by Lucasfilm and
there are no plans for her
to be in the future, Lucasfilm, via MMA Fighting.
Lucasfilm’s statement comes just a day
after Carano underwent yet another round
of backlash on social media.
This time, Carano compared
living as a conservative in
the United States to being
Jewish during the holocaust. .
The company condemned her controversial social media posts, calling them “abhorrent and unacceptable.”.
Her social media posts denigrating
people based on their cultural
and religious identities are
abhorrent and unacceptable, Lucasfilm, via MMA Fighting.
Carano has previously made posts promoting anti-mask
sentiments, mocking gender pronouns and denying the
results of the 2020 Presidential Election. .
An unnamed source reportedly told
‘The Hollywood Reporter’ that Lucasfilm
has been “looking for a reason” to fire Carano. .
They have been looking for a
reason to fire her for two months,
and today was the final straw. , Unnamed Source, to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ .
Lucasfilm's admittance that they have
“no plans” to rehire Carano poses serious
implications for her acting career. .
There had been rumors that Carano
was poised to star in Disney’s upcoming
‘Rangers of the Republic’ series.
Deadline reports that Carano has also been dropped
by her agents at United Talent Agency in the wake
of her latest social media controversy
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