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7 months ago

Lucky One - Slow Rock Version - Original Composition - Kavya Ajit

Kavya Ajit
Kavya Ajit
#covid19 #luckyone #stayhomestaysafe #corona #shotoniphone #slowrock

Here is a slow rock version of my composition ' Lucky One'.

Singer, songwriter, composer - Kavya Ajit
Violin - Kavya Ajit
Guitar - Abin Sagar
Rhythm and Bass Programming - Kavya Ajit
Recording Engineer - Kavya Ajit
Mixing and Mastering - Sujith Hydher Thaha (Octaves Studio ,Chennai )

Video credits

DoP - Vidhyasagar Venkatesan
Editor - Kavya Ajit

I'm here and I see the sunshine
And a sky full of stars and moon so bright
Coz I'm the lucky one

Every time there is hurt or sorrow
You stand tall when life can drag you down
Coz you're the lucky one

I know we're together, I pray we stay this way
I know we'll keep loving until the end of time
What would I do if you were not here
What would I do alone
Nothing can stop the world from dreaming away

You and I , day and night
We'll fight and we'll survive
There's something you should know
You're born to live and love

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