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ACT – Assessing low-Carbon Transition: what resources to assess your carbon performance?

ACT – Assessing low Carbon Transition is a joint voluntary initiative of the UNFCCC secretariat Global Climate Agenda co-founded by ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological transition, and CDP, the global environmental disclosure system. ACT provides guidance and assessment methodologies as an accountability framework to support and assess companies’ strategies and actions contribution to the Paris mitigation goals.
Following feedback from users of ACT sectoral assessment methodologies and after conducting a prefiguration study, ADEME decided to develop a methodology based on the ACT criteria to support companies with coherent low carbon strategies development and relevant action plan implementation.

This video is the recorded workshop delivered on the 13th October 2020 presenting the carbon performance toolbox objectives and main features and includes a contribution from Nature & Découvertes on their experience using the ACT assessment methodology. There were also two interactive sessions conducted with participants.
This ACT methodology development follow a multi-stakeholders approach with feedback provided during interactive sessions over the course of the project to ensure the methodology respond to the need of the businesses and addresses the low carbon transition challenges they face.
The methodology and toolboxes were finalised in January 2021.

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