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Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux
Philosopher Stefan Molyneux tells you how to have - and demonstrate - maximum possible freedom in your life.

15th January 2021 Call-In

I had a conversation with Stefan back in May ("Surviving the Scripts of History") and he asked me to let him know how things go with my dad. Now it's November and I finally have a significant update to give, and well... it's nothing good I'm afraid.

I will probably have to expand on this later because my head is spinning right now, but tonight I had a conversation with my parents where it was very clearly demonstrated to me that I cannot speak honestly with them about things that are truly important to me. My dad and I got into an argument the other day over something pretty minor, which expanded into a huge blowup about taking responsibility, me needing to grow up, and how I'm ungrateful and he "doesn't have to explain shit" to me (his exact words). Then he gave me a BNAP and now I'm the bad guy for not accepting it. My mom got involved tonight and was 100% on his side. I am "only hurting myself" by withholding forgiveness according to both of them. Any attempt I made at explaining my point of view or being honest about what I was thinking and feeling was met by my dad getting even more angry, and eventually he basically threatened to nuke the relationship if I couldn't accept the BNAP and move on. I finally said the words "I forgive you" (which I admit was a lie and I hate that I said it) and he questioned my sincerity. The irony of this given his completely insincere apology was totally lost on him.

I feel completely lost right now and don't know where else to turn. I have been in therapy for a couple of months now and will bring this up with my therapist at our next session in a few days, but thought I would put it out here as well. I won't say I would love to have a follow-up conversation about this with Stefan because I really hate everything about this whole scenario, but I am sure a follow-up is what is needed.

Thanks again Stefan for everything you're doing.

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