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Ondes Martenot / virtuosistic "Formule" by Thomas Bloch

il y a 11 ans|223 vues
"Formule" is one of the most virtuosistic piece written for solo ondes Martenot, played and composed by the French multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bloch (ondes Martenot, glassharmonica, cristal Baschet) who has played as well with Radiohead, Gorillaz as with most prestigious classical soloists and orchestras in the world. Video recorded during the world premiere of the piece (May 5, 1996). Some parts of this work were later modified by the composer.

Thomas Bloch informations : http://www.thomasbloch.net

Other names : Ones Martenot (Catalan), Ondas Martenot (Spain, Portugal), Martenot waves (English), Onde Martenot (Italy), Fale Martenota (Poland) - wrong name : Martinot