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Caught on cam_ child hangs by window ledge as he waits for rescue

Singapore – A video of a child hanging by the window ledge of what appears to be a Housing & Development Board (HDB) block is circulating in WhatsApp.

Footage of a high-rise rescue involving a child hanging dangerously by the window ledge has been shared in WhatsApp.

In the video, a child wearing a red and white striped shirt stood precariously on the ledge of an HDB flat as a worker on a boom lift made his way to rescue the child.

Towards the middle of the video, the child lets go of one of the laundry poles. The onlookers and presumably the same people recording and commenting on the incident quickly advised the child to keep holding.

Cheers could be heard as the worker reaches the child and grabs him to safety.

This is a developing story. Details will be added accordingly.

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