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U.S. President Donald Trump vetoes US$ 741 bil. National Defense Authorization Act

Arirang News
Arirang News
트럼프, 국방수권법 거부권 행사... 불만 표명

U.S. President Donald Trump has officially vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act,... describing it as "a gift to China and Russia."
He also said that the 7-hundred-forty-one billion U.S. dollar national security package has failed to include critical national security measures,... and contradicts his administration's efforts to put America first in the country's national security and foreign policy actions.
The move, however, is unlikely to stop the bill from being enacted, as it has been passed in both the House and the Senate with margins large enough to override a veto from the president.
Congress will come back next week to attempt to override the veto,... beginning with the House on the 28th, then the Senate on December 29th.

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