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Cupboard Design For Bedroom Inside

Epin Press
The open floor plan is the trend for the modern house; they allow for
a simple stream of light and transport between the kitchen and the living room.
But several designs leave the sides of your kitchen cabinets
bumping into the living room to create a sense of openness.
Some imaginative interior decoration can cover hideous, naked areas in the
cabinet sides; you can also hide the sides of the cabinet completely.

To cover the shelves, display
paintings, prints or family pictures.
For each cabinet use a single large piece
of art or make collages of smaller photographs.
To offer the illusion that the cabinet surfaces are walls of your living area,
choose art that suits the interior of your living area rather than your kitchen.

Install screw-on rim rails and hang
rims at the top of every cabinet.
Coordinate the dwellings and not
the kitchen, not the dining room.

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