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Kawai ES8 Demo - George on my Mind Jazz Piano Cover - All Playing! No Talking

Merriam Music
Watch Kawai ES8 Demo - George on my Mind Jazz Piano Cover - All Playing! No Talking
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We hope you enjoy another listening video from Merriam Pianos - as the title suggests, this one is ‘playing-only’, meaning all you’ll hear is the Kawai ES8, in this case on it’s main acoustic piano patch, which is their Concert SK-EX sample set, with the default settings. We’ve recorded the instrument straight into Logic with stereo out ¼” patch cables, and absolutely no effects, and no processing of any kind have been applied. . We recorded this in our Studio B room at Oakville.

The song is “Georgia On My Mind”, a classic Jazz Standard by Hoagy Carmichael, and one of Stu’s favorite piano covers to play. It’s a great song to demo pianos on, because of how much range it uses, and how it accommodates both highly rhythmic playing as well as softer melodic playing.

The Kawai ES8 digital piano is an all-in-one portable digital piano, with class-leading speaker quality, triple sensor for studio and professional use, amp simulator, and lots of physical connectivity options.

Be sure to check out our other Kawai ES8 videos, where we compare it to the FP90 digital piano from Roland amongst others. And of course, please be sure to check out our full ES8 review where we discuss all of its key features, it’s pros and cons, and find out who it’s made for.

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