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Hydrogen Revolution powered by Plastic Omnium - En

Laurent Favre, CEO
Félicie Burelle, Managing Director

Invite you to attend the "hydrogen revolution" live conference.

Plastic Omnium has formed one of a kind advanced global industrial and research network with the ambition of designing the clean and connected car of the future. Convinced since 2015 that hydrogen will play a decisive role in tomorrow' s sustainable mobility, Plastic Omnium has decided to invest massively in hydrogen technologies: from storage vessels to hydrogen integrated systems and fuel cell stacks, the Group develops the design and integration of these new technologies generating on-board electricity not only for passenger cars, but also for commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.

Join us to discover the emergence of a world leader in hydrogen mobility during a digital conference, where Plastic Omnium will unveil its strategic vision and long-term ambitions.

We are looking forward to sharing this event with you. 100% online conference.