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Anya Taylor-Joy Always Slept With Her Windows Open as Kid

Morning Breaking News
Morning Breaking News
Anya Taylor-Joy Always Slept With Her Windows Open as Kid..

The 'Queen's Gambit' actress talks about her obsession as a child, revealing that she had a crush on Peter Pan and always left her windows open at night. Nov 15, 2020  AceShowbiz - Actress Anya Taylor-Joy had such a crush on Peter Pan as a kid she slept with her windows open in the hope the boy who never grew up would swoop in.   "The Queen's Gambit" star reveals J.M. Barrie's literary hero was her first love.   "It's still ongoing," Anya tells U.S. daytime talk show host Kelly Clarkson of her obsession with Pan. "I did (leave the windows open) when I was a kid... I did that for months. I was convinced he was coming."   In the Barrie tale, Peter Pan visits the Darling kids by flying into their bedroom via a window.     See also... Sienna Miller Abandons Her Novel as She Struggles to Find Inspiration During Lockdown Paris Jackson Sympathizes With Reporters Despite intrusion Into Her Privacy System of a Down Get Death Threats for Supporting Armenia Patrick Schwarzenegger Rea ...
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