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Hillary Clinton to Serve as Democratic Presidential Elector in New York

Wibbitz Politics News
Wibbitz Politics News
Hillary Clinton to Serve as, Democratic Presidential Elector, in New York.
The former Secretary of State confirmed
the news on SiriusXM’s show, ‘Signal Boost.’.
If Democrats win New York, Clinton will
be among the 29 presidential electors submitting
their votes for the state on December 14.
New York hasn’t voted Republican since
Ronald Regan won the state in 1984. .
I’m pretty sure I’ll get to vote
for Joe and Kamala in New York,
so that’s pretty exciting … can’t wait!,
Hillary Clinton, to ‘Signal Boost’.
Although she’s confident
Joe Biden will win New York,
Clinton is less confident
about the overall election.
She expressed concerns regarding the
“final conclusion” of the election.
I am worried that we’re not going to
have a final conclusion though for a
couple of days, if not longer … I’ve talked
to the lawyers in the Biden campaign …
they’re preparing for every scenario
you can imagine. ,
Hillary Clinton, to ‘Signal Boost’
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