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Andrew Eborn with Alison Jackson - Trump process Body_Doubles_ORIGINAL_WORK_ONLY_v1[1]

Octopus TV
Octopus TV
Alison Jackson is a contemporary BAFTA and multi award winning artist who explores the cult of celebrity – an extraordinary phenomenon created by the media,  publicity industries and the public figures themselves.  Her work sits squarely in the middle of the current fake news, alternative facts or news debates.  Jackson makes convincingly realistic work about celebrities doing things in private using cleverly styled lookalikes. Likeness becomes real and fantasy touches on the believable. She creates scenarios we have all imagined but never seen before. 

Jackson raises questions about whether we can believe what we see when we live in a mediated world of screens, imagery and internet. She comments on our voyeurism, on the power and seductive nature of imagery, and on our need to believe. Her work has established wide respect for her as an incisive and thought-provoking commentator on the burgeoning phenomenon of contemporary celebrity culture.
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