2 years ago

122KG to 75KG - Amazing 47KG Weight Loss Transformation Story | Simple Diet & Exercise

Ehsan Ali from Rawalpindi had an amazing weight loss transformation from 122KG to 75KG weight. Ehsan loses 47KG weight in just 3 months by following the simple diet plan and exercise. While sharing his story with Umer Janjua, Ehsan Ali explained that he was so tired of his fatty life and was not even able to walk till market, he was so lazy and felt pain while offering prayer. Ehsan used to eat fast food more and didn't even thought to exercise ever. I decided to make his life back to normal and lose his weight, I started a workout in the gym for 3 hours a day, with proper walk and running in life. Ehsan changed his life style completely and started following diet plan with proper sleep and life routine. Watch amazing weight loss transformation story of Ehsan Ali from 122KG to 75KG.

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