Indian Army Deploys T90 & T72 Tanks, BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles Which Can Operate At -40°C Amid Faceoff With China

  • 4 years ago
A video showing Indian army tanks & armoured personnel carriers in forward locations in eastern Ladakh, the theatre of the face-off with China since April-May, has been released by the Centre. India has repeatedly stressed on the necessity to ensure "stability on the ground" after the latest round of Chinese provocation on August 31. The Chinese soldiers had tried to move in on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control near the south bank of Ladakh's Pangong Lake. The army is now determined to strengthen security in the whole area. BMP vehicles can function in temperatures of up to minus 40 degrees Celsius. The capability of Indian tank regiments, like the crossing of rivers and overcoming other obstacles, was on full display in the region where the Indus River flows all along the Eastern Ladakh sector. The Indian armoured regiments have the capability to reach the LAC within minutes if they are required there and did so recently, when the Chinese activated their tanks after the August 29-30 incidents when India occupied several heights near the southern bank of Pangong lake.