Big Kids (2000) Episode 1

  • 4 years ago
Episode 1 of the children's TV series Big Kids from 2000, starring Imogen Stubbs, Duncan Duff, Kelly Salmon and Matt Adams. It was a series about the Spiller family, whose life is turned upside down when they go to a hypnotist show. When the kids mock the hypnotist, he calls their parents on stage and hypnotises them to embarrass them. Next day all seems normal, but then something triggers the parents into behaving like kids - only nobody believes daughter Kate (Salmon) when she tries to tell them...

Most of these episodes were originally uploaded on Youtube by Classic Childrens TV from 2004-2008, so many thanks to him for his permission to upload these on here. The only episodes that are not from his videos are episodes 8 and 11, which are my own uploads from my video tape of this from when it was broadcast over 12 years ago, and are better quality than the episodes originally on Youtube.