Technology Leadership for Innovation in Higher Education Best Sellers Rank : #5

  • 4 years ago
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Higher education today faces several challenges including soaring cost, rising student debt, declining state support, and a staggering dropout rate. Digital technology enables numerous paths to innovation and promising solutions to these crises in higher education. However, few efforts have been made to look into the dynamic relationship between technology, innovation, and leadership and how they work together to transform teaching and learning, campus life, student service and support, administration, and university advancement. Technology Leadership for Innovation in Higher Education is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the intersection of technology, innovation, and leadership in higher education by examining the role of technology in activating, promoting, and accelerating innovation and by identifying challenges regarding technology leadership. While highlighting topics such as blended teaching, faculty development, and university advancement, this publication is ideally designed for teachers, principals, educational and IT management and staff, researchers, students, and stakeholders in higher education seeking current research on critical leadership dimensions required for effective education leaders.