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LWC Virtual 5k Andrew Eborn Part 6 Kontinents stay Sharpe with Pat Sharp

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LWC COVID-19 APPEAL for Single Term Bursaries

Adam Williams
Lord Wandsworth College

Dear Sternian

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, which is why I am writing to ask if you are in a position to help current LWC families who are facing financial hardship due to COVID-19.

The effects of the Coronavirus have been far-reaching, and I know that you and your family may have had to cope with stress, isolation, illness or the tragic loss of family members or friends. I also appreciate that you may not be in a position to make a donation at this time due to your own personal circumstances or you may already be supporting other front-line causes that urgently need help or indeed your own children or grandchildren. I completely understand, but hope you do not feel this request for financial support is insensitive.

As the longer-term economic impact of Covid-19 is unfolding, some LWC families are now facing an unforeseen financial crisis, and are struggling to pay school fees. At a time of great uncertainty, the Governors and I want to provide stability and reassurance for all our pupils, but especially those from families who are experiencing a severe change in circumstances.

The College continues to take a balanced, prudent and measured approach to our financial management, whilst also wanting to be caring to pupils and parents. We are doing everything we can to ease the burden, including financial re-modelling, but we need your help to make more possible.

Families have been approaching us with requests for financial help with school fees. This is the last thing they ever imagined they would do. Most have been committed to the College for many years, and at this point, they need assistance and assurance to see their children through their education.

Last term, we were able to help 15 families (20 pupils) with Single Term Bursaries to help with fees for the Summer term.
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