2 years ago

The Benefits of Being a “Lienlord” with Bob Fraser – REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN

Bob Fraser is on a mission to help investors take advantage of one of the most effective and overlooked avenues of real estate investing: residential mortgage notes. As Founder and Principal of Aspen Funds, Bob has purchased more than 1,000 mortgage notes earning double-digit annual returns without the risk and volatility of traditional investing options.

In this episode we discussed:
• The Benefits of Being a “Lienlord” – Rentals might seem like a great source of income, until your tenant calls you on Labor Day weekend and you have to rush over to fix the toilet. Bob can talk about the advantages of owning notes and becoming a “lienlord,” who doesn’t have to deal with landlord issues like finding tenants, fixing toilets, and repairing leaky roofs.
• The Housing Boom Is Far From Over – A lot of investors think the housing market shows troubling similarities to 2008, but not Bob. He believes the housing boom has legs to run on for years to come, and he can tell you why that’s the case (based on actual data).
• Why Aspen Funds Invests in Real People, Not Just Real Estate – Bob sees a problem in the financial models that traditional bankers use, and it all circles back to communication. He can tell you why people are the most important asset for his business, why Aspen Funds loves helping people stay in their homes, and why there’s a huge opportunity in building better models.

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