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Full version Big Kids Coloring Book: Fairy Houses and Fairy Doors, Vol. 3: 50+ Illustrations on
This book is full of delightful, hand-drawn depictions of Fairy House and Fairy Doors in the pen and ink method of illustration. You will find intermediate to complicated images in this coloring book, including heavy lined drawings with simple shapes and designs and more fine-art styles with varied line weights (thin-to-medium). The light and dark line illustrations with >50+ coloring pages that will keep you busy for weeks or months! These images are hand-drawn, so the lines are organic and feel like artist's natural sketches versus software engineered and mechanically perfect illustrations. This book also includes bonus coloring pages from the artist's other coloring books. Details about the book: ** To see sample illustrations of some of the images before you purchase, use Amazon's "Peek Between the Covers" feature on Pages 3 and 4 for illustration samples - OR - watch this video of the artist's sketchbook flip-through with the 100 raw sketches of both FH&FD, Vol 3 & 4 books! http: // ** Non-perforated pages (you can use a craft knife or razor to remove them from the binding) ** Glue-bound spine ** Single-Pages - all the illustrations are on the right hand side on single-sided pages so you don't have to worry about your 'wetter' media ruining images on the other side (do use blotter sheets or cardboard between pages when using markers or watercolors). ** Pages are 8.5" x 11" with a half-inch margin, allowing larger (approximately) 7.5"x9.0" images to color ** The first few pages of pre-views show sample drawings in the book and should be available on Amazon's "Look Between the Covers" function ** Paper weight is the thickness of standard paper-back books; some media may bleed through (test first, back with cardboard or plastic!) Key Search Words: Adult Coloring Book, Architectural Illustrations, Artist's renderings, artwork, balance, Barns, Big Kids Coloring Book, bugs, butterflies, calming, celebration, channel, circle, co-artist, City of Williamsburg Virginia, color, Coloring Book, colors, colour, colouring, colouring book, colours, composition, concentration, consciousness, contemplate, cosmos, crab, creation,, de-stress, designs, dolphin, doodle, doodles, Drawing, drawings, emotions, heart, hearts, fae, fairies, fairy, fairy doors, fairy houses, fauna, feathers, feathers a'flying, feathers aflying, fish, flora, forest, Forgotten Places, forms, hidden animals, hearts, Hearts A'Fire, hidden shapes, Illustration, imagination, jellyfish, joy, Kaleidoscope, life, lionfish, lived, lobster, love, loving, magical, mandala, mermaids, mother earth, mystical, mystical creatures, nature, ocean, Old Barns, Old Houses, pattern, peace, pen and ink, powers, psyche, psychological, psychology, psychotherapy, re-balancing, reflecting, relax, relaxation, sand painting, sea, self, self-hypnosis, self-remembering, shading, shark, shipwreck, space, spirits, spiritual, state-of-being, strengths, sub-conscious, sugar skulls, symbolic, tangles, tantalizing, therapy, thought, transcendental, tropical, undersea, universe, valentine, valentines, wakefulness, well-being, Williamsburg Virginia Geographic Area, wisdom, Zen, Zendala, Zentangles