3 years ago

Fines to be imposed starting mid-October on Seoulites not wearing masks in public

Arirang News
Arirang News
서울시 실내외 마스크 착용 의무화... 어기면 10월 중순부터 과태료 부과

Seoul city made it mandatory on Monday to wear masks in public... and is planning to fine those who violate the order.
Following a grace period until October twelfth, Seoul plans to issue fines of nearly 85 U.S. dollars on those out in public without a mask.
Public facilities including restaurants of over one-hundred-fifty square meters, movie theaters and concert halls also face stricter penalties for breaking rules.
The city's new "one strike out" policy will force facilities to close for two weeks if they violate the current guidelines even a single time.
They can also face fines of up to 2-thousand-5-hundred U.S. dollars.