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Meditation music playlist (YouTube)

Natures beauty playlist (YouTube)

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Benefits of Meditation:-

Meditation brings many benefits. Internal energy increases, qualities such as positive thoughts, love, patience, generosity, forgiveness, compassion develops. Meditation has been popular in Indian culture from the beginning. Lord Shiva is always sitting in meditation posture. Apart from this, all the sages of ancient India often practiced meditation and penance.

Let us know some of the main benefits of meditation.

1. Calm the mind calms the restless mind
Meditation is very beneficial for those people whose mind (mind) is very disturbed. A person can never do his work properly if the mind is not calm. The biggest benefit of meditation is that it removes negative thoughts and positive thoughts get into a person's brain.

2. Get Health Benefits
By meditating, one's body becomes healthy and healthy. The body's immunity increases. Blood pressure decreases. The stress of the person is reduced, memory is increased. This is the reason why meditation and yoga have become very famous nowadays.

From big leaders to Bollywood celebrities, big businessmen have all started doing it. Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi is promoting yoga and meditation a lot. He regularly does yoga and meditation and inspires all the countrymen to do it.

3. Reduce stress reduces anxiety by focusing This is the absolute truth. Lord Gautama Buddha also considers meditation and yoga important in Buddhism. He himself attained enlightenment by meditating. Therefore, to get rid of everyday mental stress and anxiety, do meditation regularly.

How to meditate ?
It should be done in the morning. It is necessary that you are on an empty stomach. Sit down by laying mats on the ground. Meditation should always be done in a quiet place. Close both your eyes. One should sit upright while meditating. Keep your spine straight. Relax the shoulders and neck. Do a little warm-up (workout) before doing it. After that close both your eyes and concentrate.

Long and deep breath should be taken while meditating. Keep the breath steady. Your mind will be calm. Close both eyes and keep a smile on your face. After meditating, open your eyes slowly.

Conclusions: - In the end, we will say that meditation or meditation opens up every brain. Peace is attained by meditation, success is achieved in ev