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Hagerty High School Marching Band 2019 in Nuremberg - a film by Gerhard-Stefan Neumann …

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The Nuremberg Christkind will complete about 150 appointments until Christmas Eve and will not only delight young and old but will also give comfort, warmth and confidence to disabled and sick people ● It is one of the most strenuous, exciting and hardest but also most beautiful jobs that the Franconian metropolis of Nuremberg has to offer every two years; a temporary job and of course reserved for the female sex ● Besides, it's less a profession than a vocation ● The candidates eligible for this activity must be at least sixteen years old and no more than nineteen years old ● Hagerty High School Marching Band ● ● City of Nuremberg: The Christ Child invites to his market ● A film by Gerhard-Stefan Neumann ● Noriker Straße 19 ● D-90402 Nuremberg ● Telefon (+ 49) 01577 6 31 06 73 ● E-Mail-Adress ● ● Homepage ●
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