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10 months ago|27 views

SOTA Magnetic Pulser - Model MP6 - Demonstration

SOTA Instruments
Demonstration on how to use the SOTA Magnetic Pulser Model MP6.

The SOTA Magnetic Pulser generates pulsed magnetic fields which create microcurrents of electricity that work with the body’s natural electricity for general health and well-being. It’s perfect for use in the comfort of your own home.

More information about the SOTA Magnetic Pulser can be found here:

Or read the SOTA Magnetic Pulser User Guide:

A transcription of this video is available here:

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What the Magnetic Pulser Does:

As we understand it, here is how it works: The Magnetic Pulser is designed to deliver localized pulsed magnetic fields. In turn, these fields create temporary microcurrents of electricity in the area of focus. These microcurrents work with the body’s natural electricity for general health & well-being.

A Wellness Lifestyle incorporates a holistic approach to living life in a way that supports abundant health. A holistic or wellness approach views our bodies on many levels which may include: mechanical, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, as well as electrical.

All living things are electrical in nature. We view the SOTA Products as a way of working with the body's natural electricity or energy, contributing to Wellness. This is similar to how exercise, eating good nutritious foods, juicing and meditating all help nourish the body and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.