S. Korean defense firm unveils new infantry fighting vehicle

  • 4 years ago
한화디펜스, 호주 수출용 장갑차 '레드백' 출정식

The South Korean defense firm Hanwha Defense... has unveiled its newest infantry fighting vehicle.
Dubbed the "Redback," it's a contender for use by the Australian army in the years to come.
Kim Ji-yeon reports.
The 42-ton Redback, the latest infantry fighting vehicle by Hanwha Defense, Korea's leading defense corporation... seems to have it all.
The heavily-armored next generation vehicle is designed to protect onboard service personnel from all kinds of attacks... gunshots, mines and bombs... without affecting its ability to charge at a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour.
Its rubber track system, which is used instead of a metal one,... and independent suspension make it less susceptible to the shocks and vibrations involved in off-road, cross-country travel.
And, to maximize safety, inside there are separate seats with buckle belts for each person.
"The vehicle is designed to carry eight men dismount and three men crew."
Three prototypes of the Redback have been shipped to Australia... for the installation of its turret system.
It's equipped with a 30 millimeter machine gun... that can be fired remotely and in a different direction from its power pack 'K9' self-propelled gun.
The prototypes are to be tested throughout the next year... before Australia makes its final selection between the Redback and its contender, Rheinmetall's Lynx.
"We've participated in the making of Redback because its selection would be like a dream come true story for not only Hanwha Defense but also all of Korea's defense industry... which aspires to export and advance equipment to developed countries like Australia."
The winner of the 15-billion dollar Australia's Land 400 phase 3 program... which is to be announced during the latter half of 2022... will manufacture some 400 units for the Australian Army.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News, Changwon.