National Museum of Korea hosts Korean national treasures exhibition
  • 4 years ago
문화재청 국립중앙박물관에서 사상 최대 국보 전시 '새 보물 납시었네' 개최

The COVID-19 pandemic put a temporary hold on allowing people to visit public facilities, museums being no exception. But now, museums across South Korea are finally opening their doors and there's a new exhibition waiting for people in Seoul to get their culture fix.
'Treasures of Korea' is an exhibition on display at the National Museum of Korea...showcasing the latest artifacts that have been recognized as national treasures and is the largest collection of such items to date.
Our Kim Do-yeon visited the museum to walk us through some of the items.
Portraits from the Joseon Dynasty, artwork depicting the livelihoods of those who lived centuries ago, ceramics from the 10th Century and even famous caligraphy.
These such items can all be seen in Seoul.
"Just as public museums reopen across the country, the National Museum of Korea is holding an exhibition of cultural artifacts recently added on the List of Treasures and National Treasures. It’s the biggest exhibition of its kind."
From 2017 to 2019, the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea added one-hundred-57 sets of items to the list.
Here, there are 83 sets, totally one-hundred-96 individual items that are on display.
"National Treasures recognized by the Cultural Heritage Administration best represent the brilliance of Korea's history and culture...When a tangible item from history proves its worth in research, arts, and rarity, experts investigate and deem it to be a Treasure. If it is known to be one of the first of its kind and has value on humanity, we promote it as a National Treasure."
The exhibition is divided into three different sections.
The first is called 'Documenting History'... here, items such as a recently-discovered edition of Joseon wangjosillok, or the annals from Joseon Dynasty, are displayed.
The second section is called 'Flourishing Art' where artworks and calligraphy are on display - including work by one of Korea's most beloved historical artist, Kim Hong-do.
The last section is called 'Embodying Wishes'... displaying items related to Buddhism, including this book by King Sejong, Worin cheongangjigok, or Songs of the Moon's Reflection on a Thousand Rivers.
Running until September 27th, the museum also said that due COVID-19, each two-hour session will allow two-hundred people in at a time with body temperature screening and visitors being asked to refrain from talking.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News