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6 months ago|8 views

Barstool Outdoors S2 Episode 3: The No Cage Rage

Barstool Outdoors
Barstool Outdoors
Jupiter, Florida we meet again, and we're not just "topside" anymore folks! This episode, we're getting IN the water with Bulls, Lemons, Silkys, and Sandbars to see what its like to interact with Sharks up close and personal in their environment. This is the first Outdoors episode where we don't have a "catch" or a specific mission to catch something, but rather experience and interact in a natural way. I think it came out really cool and is much more of a relaxing, beautiful watch rather than a pure adrenaline rush and I hope you guys like it. As far as the sharks, there is so much to say. I wrote about the experience a week after it happened and think these words give a little more insight into what it was like... check it out!

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