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Pouch Wine Is Getting Me Through Summer Quarantine

Food and Wine
Food and Wine
Bagged wine isn't a new concept. After all, the box that boxed wine comes in contains a bag inside.Wineskins of yore were also wine bags, if you think about it.The convenience of having a pouch means you can pour a glass without worrying about finishing a bottle.The handle allows for easy transport in and out of the fridge.And the bag takes up less space than a box does.Maivino offers a popular bagged rosé that they will deliver right to your door.In addition to a rosé, Maivino offers a Pinot Noir and a Sauvignon Blanc if you're not a fan of the pink stuff.They go for $35 per pouch (two bottles), with a discount if you order more than one or set up a subscription service
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