What are the roles important when it comes to managing virtual events - Hindusthan Events
  • 4 years ago
Hindusthan Events being one of the most technologically advanced and one of the best event management companies in Kolkata started digging to figure out the roles that will be the most helpful in managing a virtual event. This blog is the compilation of the findings.
1. Event Technologist
With the increase in the amount of virtual events, having an event technologist is very important. An event technologist will be solely responsible for not only sourcing but also implementing the technology that will be used in these events.
2. Virtual Event Tech Support
The possibility of the emergence of technical issues is very high in the case of live events and these needs to be addressed and resolved then and there. Therefore, having a tech support team is an absolute necessity.
3. Virtual Event Production Specialist/Technical Producers
The importance of having Virtual Event Production Specialists or Technical Producers is that they are well versed in audio, video equipment, internet bandwidth, etc. They can easily walk you through any given scenario.
4. Virtual Moderator
Last but not the least, a virtual moderator helps in knitting the audience together to keep them seated for the complete session without getting distracted.
All of that being said, we realise that we need to put our best foot forward to manage this situation at hand. And to do that, we are taking every measure possible to ensure the safety of our employees and clients. Together, we can get past this as well.